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Op shopping road trip with the Jacob today! I finally bought a camera case for my little Instax and we found this junk shop in Strathalbyn that was literally packed to the roof full of junk. My claustrophobia senses were tingling the whole time, it felt like I might just die under an avalanche of old chairs and suitcases. Then we drove all the way to Victor to see the pretty blue sea, and drove home through Meadows and Echunga. 

Gosh I love this beautiful little state of mine!

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We were talking about weird decapitations yesterday at work and apparently there was once this guy cat calling some girl from a passenger side window on Hindley Street and the other guy driving was actually going rather fast and really close to the curb, and the guy cat calling was hanging out of the window so far that he was executed by a stobie poll, guillotine style. His head was just cleaned right off of his shoulders.

And I thought that only happened to bad guys in films when they’re on top of a train having a fight and the train goes in to a tunnel.

Throwback Thursday to my favourite Topless Tuesday: that one time I was in a hotel room in Venice
the best thing you can buy in any supermarket ever. #saviourformysweettooth

Coles had a lady giving erryone taste tasters of their home brand salted caramel sauce and I tried some and it was amazing but I didn’t buy it because I’m being so good and healthy!

Now all of my insides are dying cause I want all of the tasty things, but hey, fat makes you fat and that’s no good!

8 kilos down since I started really giving a damn. Yay!

Anna Kendrick Birthday Countdown

» Day Two: Favorite Tweets

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"if i ordered a glass of milk would that be weird?" - jessica masters, 2014